1.Make your KIDS learn French through FUN
2.Get a WIDEselection of contents for the whole FAMILY
3.Discover the FRENCH STYLEthrough the latest French movies and TV shows
Programs to follow:
>Le Bureau des Légendes:is a French political thriller which describes the daily lives of DGSE agents, France’s principal external security service. It focuses on the “Bureau des Légencdes”, responsible for training and handling deep-cover agents operating “under legend” because no one must know what is their real job. These agents leave on long term missions in areas with French interests especially in North Africa and Middle-East. Discover these incredible lives of secrets, lies and set ups. Every Friday at 18:45 on CANAL+
>Very food trip:The first world tour where 2 reporters travel to discover the local food and the specialities everywhere in the world. You will see unbelievable meals. Catch it on Planete+
>Ligue 1:You can get all the best of European football: Ligue 1, English Premier League, Liga Champions League and Europa League are waiting for you! on CANAL+ Sport 1&2
>Barbapapa:This is for Kids 😉 Barbapapa was born in a garden, just like a flower. He is adorable, always ready to help and everyone loves him. He lives with his family, near his friends Cindy and Frank. Discover this incredible world, where Barbapapa overcomes the most difficult situations. Every day on Piwi+.