HISTORY Africa presents a special pop-up channel to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice; the eleventh hour of the eleventh day in November 1918, when the guns on the western front finally fell silent, signaling the end of “the war to end all wars”.

100 Years of War explores the impact and legacy of war and how, through the twentieth century and beyond, conflict has shaped national character, international relations and the geopolitical stresses and strains of our world today. The pop-up channel will run exclusively on DStv channel 199 from Monday 29 October to Sunday 11 November 2018.

In addition to the exclusive series about the Boer War and the two World Wars, new channel content will encompass compelling feature documentaries on the Angolan Civil War and the Gulf War. History fans will be able to access six hours of fresh, riveting content each and every day.

Through exclusive documentaries, definitive archive series and unique personal testimonies, 100 Years of War will explore a century of conflict: from The Boer Wars at the turn of the twentieth century, to the second Gulf War at its end. It will examine how the collapse of the old European powers in the first half of the century gave rise to the era of Super Power conflict and arms race in the second half; and how this in turn led to battles in so-called “spheres of influence” from the Vietnam quagmire and proxy wars in Africa and the Middle East, to the collapse of Apartheid and the fall of Communism.

Premiere shows include the acclaimed six- part series, The World Wars, focusing on the remarkable personalities and leaders of World War II (Hitler, Mussolini, Patton, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt). Through a mix of dramatic re-enactment, archive, and interviews with political figures such as US Senator John McCain and ex-US Secretary of State Colin Powell, the series chronicles how their experiences as younger men in the First World War shaped them into the war leaders they became.

South Africa – The Land of Hope, is a three-part series that examines a time span from 1652 – 2010. The legacy of apartheid is examined against the backdrop of the transformed liberal “rainbow nation”: now with equal citizens of all colours and creeds. These films show how South Africa endured hardship and exploitation to become the beacon of hope that it is today.

Other titles include Honor Deferred: an in-depth look at the stories of seven black Congressional Medal of Honor winners who were among the million African-Americans that served within the US army’s segregated ranks.

Tune in to DStv Channel 199 and experience 100 Years of War.

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