The 28th Premier League season kicks off this weekend and with it come a new set of rules for fans to get accustomed to.

A big thing coming in for the 2019/20 campaign is Video Assistant Referee (VAR), giving match officials an opportunity to have another look at incidents during the game and even change their decisions – although they do have a three replay limit.

VAR will be available to referees in the top flight this season

However, there are some more rule changes which you can see below as well as how they might affect teams for the upcoming season.


This rule has been brought in as a direct result of VAR.

A player is currently booked for any over-exuberant celebrations, jumping into the crowd or taking a shirt off.

But now it has been confirmed a player can even be booked if they score, celebrate in that fashion and the goal then gets disallowed off by VAR.

Liverpool boss Klopp was fined £8,000 by the Football Association for his over-exuberant celebrations during a victory over Everton last season


If the ball hits an attacker’s arm during the build-up to a goal it will be disallowed regardless if it was accidental or otherwise.

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero scored a goal which rebounded off his arm against Arsenal to complete a hat-trick last season. He admitted it was a handball after the game but this season it won’t be given.

Free kicks

An attacking player is no longer allowed in the wall at free kicks and opponents must stand at least a metre away.

It means there will be a lot less jostling between attacking and defending players in the wall as a free-kick is being taken.

James Ward-Prowse scored this excellent free-kick against Tottenham, however, these Southampton players will not be allowed that close to the wall in 2019/20

Penalty kicks

Goalkeepers must have one foot on the line while the penalty is being taken.

Meanwhile, the authorities have decided to reduce the mind games by keepers by banning them from touching the posts before the spot-kick is taken.

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford saved three penalties for Everton last term but will have to reconsider his approach this season

Cards for coaches

Managerial staff will now be punished the same way as players with referees allowed to brandish yellow and red cards to those on the touchline.

This is a rule the likes of Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino will need to take into account.

Following a defeat to Burnley last season, Pochettino angrily confronted referee Mike Dean on the pitch, along with assistant Jesus Perez – actions that could see them carded in the future as well as receiving a fine and a touchline ban.

It will take four cautions to receive a one match ban, while eight yellows will make earn you a further two games away from the pitch.

You may have seen Pep Guardiola get one in the Community Shield too.

Pochettino was given a two-game touchline ban and a £10,000 fine for this incident

Goal kicks

The ball is now active the second it leaves the goalkeeper’s foot in a goal-kick situation.

Teammates of the keeper or attackers from the opposition no longer have to wait until the ball leaves the penalty area to take control of it.

However, Portuguese club Benfica appear to have taken advantage of the rule change during a pre-season match against AC Milan by chipping the ball into a defender inside their own area who then gives it back to the goalkeeper.

This opens up an opportunity for the keeper to then drop kick the ball or even throw it out of his box.

Drop balls

Old fashioned drop balls will not be used any more and now referees will be giving the ball back to the last team in possession after stoppages.


Whenever a player is substituted, they must exit the field at the nearest point.

This has been introduced to stop players on the opposite side of the pitch walking to the far dugout late on in games.

Although this was during the Carabao Cup final, it may be easier for to take Kepa Arrizabalaga off if Chelsea want to bring on Willy Caballero with this new rule in mind.

Kepa’s refusal to be substituted left former Blues boss Maurizio Sarri raging at Wembley


If two teams are level on points, goal difference, goals for and goals against, then their place in the table will be determined by their head-to-head record.

In the past, it would have resulted in a play-off between the two sides, something that has never happened before.

There was talk of Manchester City and Liverpool having to play a title play-off after the final day but it wasn’t required as the Citizens ended up finishing a point above the Reds.

City won an exceptionally competitive title race last season

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