The core-business of TELE-10 Group is Pay-TV distribution. With 24 years of experience in this field, Tele10 emerged as one of the most successful and respected companies in the region. Indeed, its know-how allows the Group to become the exclusive distributor of DSTV and CANALSAT in Rwanda and Burundi.Tele10 Group has principally started as a pay-tv operator but has evolved to encompass other media services and ICT services through its subsidiaries.


Given its ambitious and pioneering spirit, Tele10 started Radio10 the first private Radio station in the country in February 2004. As a generalist station, its consistent and innovative programming is highly appreciated by the Rwandan audience. Thanks to popular programs like Zinduka, 10 Sports, Overdrive show among others, Radio10 is among the top 3 most listened radio stations in the country. Engaged in fulfilling the needs in entertaining and informative content of our dear listeners, we invest in talents (our staff members are regularly awarded) and consider originality as mandatory.

Radio10 is also the only Radio station broadcasting programs in the three official languages of Rwanda, and we are streaming on-line as well on www.radio10.rw.

In the spirit to continue being a leading innovator in the broadcasting industry Tele10 launched the first private TV station in Rwanda TV10 in February 2013. Available on the digital terrestrial television platform operated by the national broadcaster, TV10 is already bringing a refreshing alternative to Rwandans.

Tele10 Group is also deeply involved in the digital migration process by providing digital receivers to the local market. Finally, we do support the TUNGA TV campaign of MYICT aiming at increase the TV penetration rate in Rwanda.

Our media branch, Radio10/TV10 has adopted the slogan ‘Simply Rwandaful’ as an affirmation of our commitment to making Rwandan content King and making it available to all locally and internationally.

The ICT unit of the company provides high-level expertise through diversified implementation strategies. The company facilities both acquisition of hardware and software as well as providing value added consultancy services.

We will keep making TV more affordable to the vast majority trough GoTV that has been released in March 2014, on the national DVB-T platform, contributing to make the digital migration a reality.

Furthermore, TV10 our new baby, made a huge stride on February 1st, now it is accessible on Canalsat bouquet, on channel 151, and we are looking forward to put it on DSTV.


The company was founded in 1993 in Burundi, TELE-10 started as a pay-tv company, transmitting international TV programming in a UHF analog system, in Bujumbura.

It was then started in Rwanda in 1995, after the Genocide against the Tutsi, and later in 2009 opens offices in Kenya and Uganda.


    Our vision is to be among the best Pan-African media and broadcasting company by using new technologies as driving forces to fuel our drive for innovation. For Tele10 Group, being a pioneer is a must and we will stick to it.


    As a Group committed to satisfy the needs of our customers, giving back to the community is among our most relevant duties. Consequently, we will continue investing in talents, capacity building and entrepreneurship, providing innovative products and top notch technologies while supporting initiatives which contribute to the development of Rwanda and the East African region.


    Our main strength is the ability of the company to utilize the various subsidiaries to support each other. We also benefit from a skilled staff with international experience which has been exposed to the best practices and trends all over the world.

    We have a vibrant team that is keen on maintaining the reputation of the company by constantly looking for new opportunities and identifying avenues to utilize them.

    Eventually, our presence in 4 countries is an amazing opportunity to benefit from the EAC integration and develop a strong synergy between our different subsidiaries.